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"Volunteering, in the sense of carrying out tasks or providing services for individuals or community organizations without financial recompense, is generally considered an altruistic activity, intended to promote good or improve human quality of life."


Since 1982, the Sarasota Personal Computer Users Group (SPCUG) has been a volunteer organization.  Founded by a volunteer, managed by a group of volunteers, educated in computers by yet other volunteers.  Some of the volunteers had/have public education in what is called computer science and still volunteer their time, talent and expertise.

Skill levels of our members range from "I don't know how to turn the 'thing' on"  to "let me show you how to disassemble and reassemble this device blindfolded, in a closet, in 27 seconds".  The truth is we're all still learning and none of us know everything.

Many of us have learned the quickest way to become proficient in something is to teach it to others.  If you're not quite comfortable on your own with a given subject, volunteer to assist another Instructor or find someone to team-teach with you.

Above all, get involved! We have many needs for which we need your help!  Logistics and member/visitor assistance on General Meeting night for example.  Or assisting with classes throughout the month or the Refurbishing Group or a host of other tasks.  Don't be shy... ask!  Think altruism and enjoy the rewards!
Contact our Volunteer Coordinator

Main About Meetings Education Membership Publications Helping Members Downloads Volunteer!



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Advertising Sales  
Android Phone Dean Ewalt
Basic File Management Jim Cerny
Basic Internet Dennis Gries
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Digital Photography Chuck Mason
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iPad for Beginners Bill Crowe
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