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This page last updated on May 16, 2012
Nancy DeMarte

 To access the class material click on the blue link


All of the downloadable information posted on this website is in a PDF format. To be able to read a PDF document you need a free program called Adobe Reader. If you need to install Adobe Reader click HERE. For help in working with PDF files, click HERE.



   The class material for Getting Started is composed of four lessons which are contained in one PDF file.


    The class material for Basic Internet is composed of two lessons which are contained in one PDF file..


 The class material for Basic File management is composed of two lessons which are contained in one PDF file.


   The class material for Basic Computer Maintenance & Backup is composed of two lessons which are contained in one PDF file. 


    The class material for Basic E-mail is composed of two lessons which are contained in one PDF file.



1. TeamViewer - contributed by Jim Unger
The primary purpose of TeamViewer is to allow you (the novice) to allow someone you select (the expert) to access your computer via the Internet to provide help in rectifying a problem you're having with your computer or to instruct you on how to do something.

2.  Acronis True Image 2010 - contributed by Jim Unger
This tutorial is somewhat different, in that, it is targeted at the novice who wishes to backup his computer, understands the necessity, but has knowledge gaps that prevent him from doing so.

3.  Downloading - contributed by Jim Unger
Most downloading involves accessing the web in order to obtain a program that you want to install on your computer.

4.  Removal of Malicious Software - contributed by Mike Hutchinson
Malicious software (malware) includes computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware, rootkits and other unwanted software.

5. BURN A CD OR DVD contributed by Nancy DeMarte
       Windows Vista and 7 offer two ways of burning a CD or DVD. This tutorial explains the difference and the steps to copying data to a blank disc.

6. SPEED-UP contributed by Mike Hutchinson

       After using a PC for awhile it is normal for it to get slower. There are two symptoms of this; boot speed, and   running speed. Generally these problems are caused by different issues.

7. BORROWING EBOOKS contributed by Nancy DeMarte

            This tutorial shows how to borrow an eBook from the Sarasota County Library System to read on a Kindle, Nook, or other devices.

8. FILES AND FOLDERS REVIEW contributed by Jim Unge



Charles Prince, Avast Spokesperson

1. PC & Internet Security - Presentation by Charles Prince on November 2 SPCUG meeting.

2. Suggested Free Programs - Free programs suggested by Charles Prince.

3. Uninstalling & Installing Antivirus - A tutorial by Charles Prince.

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