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SPCUGSPCUG volunteers refurbish computers and donate them to school students, after school programs and special needs individuals.

We wish to remind our SPCUG membership that anyone that they know who needs a computer, but can not afford to purchase one, should write a letter explaining the situation. We will evaluate the request to see if the individual qualifies for a donation. Write the letter to: Computer Refurbishing Project, 3951 Sawyer Road, Sarasota 34233. This is the location of the Refurbishing workshop.

Operational hardware please.
Erasing your hard drive.
When donating a PC you may have concern about private data on the hard drive. The Refurbishing group does a quick wipe of the hard drive ad then a complete re-install of the software. If this is not sufficient we can help you do a thorough software wipe of the hard drive. As a last resort the hard drive can be removed for physical destruction. Some PCs (almost all laptops) have a “carrier” for the hard drive. Please do not remove the carrier if you remove the hard drive. Without the carrier we cannot mount another hard drive in the PC. If you have any questions please call Dave at 400-0410 or Ben 685-8585.

PCs must be capable of running WinXP and above. Generally this is a PC with a Pentium 4 processor and capable of accepting 512 MB of memory. We wipe the hard drive as part of the refurbishing project.



Refurbishing workshop is located at:

3951 Sawyer Road Sarasota 34233

This is located about a ½ block south of Bee Ridge on the east side of the rRoad.

Click Here for a Street Map

Click Here for a Satellite Map

Hours of Operation


Want to send a tax-deductible
Monetary Donation?
Mail it to :

Sarasota PC Users Group
P.O. Box 15889
Sarasota, FL 34277-1889

Please be sure to note somewhere
in the communication that it is for the
"Computer Refurbishing Project"

Thank you very much.

Please be sure to note somewhere
in the communication that it is for the
"Computer Refurbishing Project"
Thank you.....very much.

For videos :
To see our NEW You Tube channel.

Learning Sheet for SPCUG Computer Refurb Project Volunteers.

How and where do I find the checklist ?

How do I use the Checklist ?

Now that I'm done with the check list - what do I do ?

Using your Generic Reader with the Checklist Process.

How to use the Acronis Work Station.

Let's talk about CCleaner.

Computer Maintenance Class. Instructor : Mike Hutchinson 10/26/2013

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