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Previous Presentations
Date Subject
Jan 14 Backup!            Photos
Dec 13 Circle of Learning         Photos
Nov 13 Samsung         Photos
Oct 13 Hearing Better With Technology     Photos
Sep 13 Hurricane Preparedness         Photos
Aug 13 Android OS                  
July 13 iPad Applications Buffet             Photos
June 13 Protecting Yourself, Your Computer and Your Identity    Video
May 13 Identity Theft (The Sheriff's Department)    Video Highlights
Apr 13 Windows 8
Mar 13 Computer Technology at the Medical Center
Feb 13 What Is Social Media?
Jan 13 Cloud Computing with the Traveling Geeks
Dec 12 2 hour Round Robin Presentations
Nov 12 Diagnosis and Treatment of Alzheimer's
Oct 12 What's New In Computers?  (Discount Computers)
Sep 12 Computer Ergonomics
Aug 12 Internet Explorer 8/9
Jul 12 Using the Internet to Invest Revisited
Jun 12 No Meeting
May 12 Google Is More Than A Search Engine.
Apr 12 Keep Your Computer Clean
Mar 12 Computer Security
Feb 12 iPad Demonstration
Jan 12 Internet Security
Dec 11 2 hour Round Robin Presentations
Nov 11 PC & Internet Security
Oct 11 Using the Internet to Invest
Sep 11 Online Banking With SunTrust
Aug 11 No Meeting
Jul 11 No Meeting
Jun 11 Introduction to Smartphones with Phil Sorrentino
May 11 Social Networking with Bonnie Hammer
Apr 11 The Many Uses of Gmail with John Chait and Greg Rappaport
Mar 11 Internet Security Explored with Bob Gostischa
Feb 11 Latest Verizon Wireless Technology with DeeAnna Dowdle 
Jan 11 Best Backup Plan to Protect your System Failure with Gene Barlow 
Dec 10 Holiday Social 
Nov 10 Computer Experts Answer your Questions with Jim Unger 
Oct 10 Apple Brandon Town Center Store 
Sep 10 Genealogy Introduction and Resources with Dennis Gries 
Aug 10 Using The Internet for Investing with Vinny LaBash 
Jul 10 New Google Search Tools 
Jun 10 The Other Wireless
May 10 Adding Your Old Music to a PC 
Apr 10 How to Protect Yourself from Existing Threats 
Mar 10 Send Out Cards with Steve & Marti Owen 
Feb 10 Windows 7 with John Chait, Vinny La Bash and Bill Crowe 
Jan 10 The Best Way to Backup Your Computer with Gene Barlow 
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