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  The Sarasota PC Users Group (SPCUG) holds a regular general meeting on the first Wednesday of every month at the Sarasota Middle School, 4826 Ashton Rd, in Sarasota County.      
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  From 5:15-7:00pm we conduct a series of Special Interest Groups Forums facilitated by knowledgeable SPCUG members.  Discussed are such software applications a Microsoft Office, Windows for Beginners, Photoshop Elements, Quicken/TurboTax and an all-subject Q&A.
  At 7:00pm there is a one-hour presentation.  Some of our presenters have been representatives of Microsoft, Verizon, Comcast, Apple as well as our own members.

From 8:00-8:30pm there are Announcements, Drawings and Door Prizes
                                                                                  January Presentation

Doing regular backups of your computer is the best possible way to protect your computer and its files. Today, we are inundated with many different ways to do backups and it is difficult to know which approach is best. They do not give you all the same protection, so you  may end up surprised when you have a hard drive crash and find out that the backup approach that you picked cannot get your computer running again quickly. In this presentation, we will inspect the five most common backups approaches on the market and tell you the advantages and problems with that backup approach. We will also describe why and where you would want to use each type of backup available. Most important of all, we will tell you why one backup approach is vastly superior to all of the others.  This is an important topic on backup technology and one that you will not want to miss.

Our Presenter, Gene Barlow, has worked with computer systems for over 50 years and has specialized in backup technology and hard drive utilities for the past 20 years. He can make a complex topic easy for everyone to understand, yet still provide lots of details that you need to know. He is one of the most popular presenters to user groups and has presented to thousands of user group audiences. You will find his presentation easy to understand and very interesting. Be sure to attend this session.


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Executive Board Meeting
The SPCUG Executive Board meeting is normally held on the
first Monday following the regular General Meeting.

Members are welcome to attend.  The location of the meeting varies.
You may email
Mike Hutchinson to find the time and location.

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