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For many years Lou Columbo was the first person I saw at each of our monthly meetings. As he took my member number at the check-in table he always had a great smile. Lou passed away December 26th.  Services will be held later this month. I will miss him.

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For those of you that don't know I am a big Red Sox fan. I caught the Red Sox bug from my Dad. Years ago I signed up for MLB Extra Innings so I could watch all of the Red Sox games. Originally I was with DirecTV but problems with their DVR and MLB Extra Innings made me switch to Version. There I had better luck with the DVR but I could not get all games in HD or my choice of the home or away broadcast.  More

  January Presentation -  Backup!    
[General Meeting ::: Wednesday,  January 8, 2014]
Doing regular backups of your computer is the best possible way to protect your computer and its files. Today, we are inundated with many different ways to do backups and it is difficult to know which approach is best.   ...Click»
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Need help with a computer problem?  Since our primary mission to our members is education, we're here to help!  Talk to one of our volunteers who are on the "Members Helping Members" team.  ...Click»
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