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For many years Lou Columbo was the first person I saw at each of our monthly meetings. As he took my member number at the check-in table he always had a great smile. Lou passed away December 26th.  Services will be held later this month. I will miss him.

Internet Streaming

For those Online Casino of you that don't know I am a big Red Sox fan. I caught the Red Sox bug from my Dad. Years ago I signed up for MLB Extra Innings so I could watch all of the Red Sox games. Originally I was with DirecTV but problems with their DVR and MLB Extra Innings made me switch to Version. There I had better luck with the DVR but I could not get all games in HD or my choice of the home or away broadcast.

Last month I gave you an overview of the SPCUG financial picture. A need to expand on that this month. Over the last few years there has been a significant amount of belt tightening done in smaller areas. After 6 years our Treasurer Dennis Gries is stepping down at the end of the year. He deserves the credit for almost all of the cost savings. Some of the areas where he has streamlined expenses include the Volunteer Lunch where he has found a less expensive place but with the same level of service. He has also found ways to save funds at the Holiday Social. Dennis has also maximized our return on the ink cartridges allowing us to continue the door prizes at a lower expense to SPCUG. Dennis has been very conscientious about reducing expenses! Last month I mentioned the formation of a committee to come up with a plan for what I call an eMonitor (electronic version of our Monitor newsletter). You will find their report in another article in this Monitor. We have also formed another committee to look into ways to cut the cost of our classes, usually taught on Saturdays at the Boys and Girls Club. The committee consists of Nancy DeMarte, Jim Cerny, Marshall DuBois and myself. That effort is well under way.

Since last month's article I've been contacted by a number of members with suggestions on addressing the cost side. I appreciate the inputs and hope you continue to make suggestions to cut expenses. As I mentioned last month the biggest issue is the decline in membership. SPCUG needs to investigate ways to slow slots spel or stop the decline in membership. Ideally I would like to see membership grow. Back in August, George Keen asked me if we need a Publicity person. His goal is to find new members. Though he is new to SPCUG he is energetic and has many new ideas. He has started acting on some of those. We have many talented members in SPCUG and I would like your help in coming up with ideas on how to get more people interested in joining SPCUG. All ideas are welcome. Please direct them to me or another Board member.


  January Presentation -  Backup!    
[General Meeting ::: Wednesday,  January 8, 2014]
Doing regular backups of your computer is the best possible way to protect your computer and its files. Today, we are inundated with many different ways to do backups and it is difficult to know which approach is best.

Doing regular backups of your computer is the best possible way to protect your computer and its files. Today, we are inundated with many different ways to do backups and it is difficult to know which approach is best. They do not give you all the same protection, so you may end up surprised when you have a hard drive crash and find out that the backup approach that you picked cannot get your computer running again quickly. In this presentation, we will inspect the five most common backups approaches on the market and tell you the advantages and problems with that backup approach. We will also describe why and where you would want to use each type of backup available. Most important of all, we will tell you why one backup approach is vastly superior to all of the others. This is an important topic on backup technology and one that you will not want to miss.

Our Presenter, Gene Barlow, has worked with computer systems for over 50 years and has specialized in backup technology and hard drive utilities for the past 20 years. He can make a complex topic easy for everyone to understand, yet still provide lots of details that you need to know. He is one of the most popular presenters Casino på nätet to user groups and has presented to thousands of user group audiences. You will find his presentation easy to understand and very interesting. Be sure to attend this session.

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Need help with a computer problem?  Since our primary mission to our members is education, we're here to help!  Talk to one of our volunteers who are on the "Members Helping Members" team.

The members listed below have graciously offered to help other members. We request that before calling these volunteers you isolate your problem as best as you can. Try to be brief and considerate when you call a volunteer unless he or she offers extra time when you call. Some of our volunteers are professional consultants and may require a fee if you need them to come on-site to solve a problem or if they need to take more than a reasonable amount of time. However, they have agreed to offer any free help they can. If the issue of a fee arises, it is up to you to clarify this early in your conversation. Before contracting for their time you may want to discuss their level of expertise with regard to your own needs. We do not check qualifications before adding people to this list. It is especially important that you check your documentation. Please jeux slot casino gratuit do not request help if you have no documentation or if your software is an illegal copy. The Sarasota Personal Computer Users Group, Inc. disclaims any liability for damages resulting from these contacts. If any member, experiences repeated difficulty reaching anyone on the list, or has a problem with anyone, please report it to the contact listed below.

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